"Technological societies know how to create material wealth, but their ultimate success will depend on their ability to formulate a postindustrial, humanistic culture. The shift from obsession with quantitative growth to the search for a better life will not be possible without radical changes in attitudes." Rene Dubois,  Celebrations of Life


  • Conventional trainings try to change behavior, assuming that intellectual insights lead to change. We all know that this is not the case and only rarely happens. Sustainable and positive change only happens when core beliefs and attitudes of a person change. Especially when negative and limiting mind-patterns and beliefs dissolve.

  • This has to happen mentally and energetically. In coaching and seminars I teach effective techniques from the East and the West, which allow to make negative mind patterns conscious and to erase them. These techniques free formerly blocked energy and can then be used to achieve life goals more easily and improve the overall quality of life.